How to fix Out Of Paper HP OfficeJet 6500, 6500A, 6000 Printer

This HP Officejet 6500 printer is not picking up paper when I try to send it through. For example if I just hit copy, or it’s going very badly if it’s on top of a page it will not pick up right away or it will stall just like we saw right now.

How to fix Out Of Paper HP OfficeJet 6500

So in order to fix that issue it’s very simple it’s basically just the bad, or dirty roller. Sometimes the worst problem that you can get is that roller that we see right there. Is going to break so the gear can get broken, and that’s less likely.

Problem usually is just a simple cleanup that this roller needs either paper dust has accumulated on it or the printer has been has not been used for a while and just the rollers are not.

Used as much and they’re just gonna accumulate dust they’re just they’re just gonna act up like this here. So what we’re gonna do is usually I just put some window cleaner on a paper towel.

I’ll show you in a sec, I would fold the paper towel like this solution on it. Try not to do it on the printer cause that, you know I’ll just put it where the rollers are supposed to be, and we’re going to send a page through, for example copy make sure you hold this so it doesn’t feed into the printer and damaged and tight.

So the rollers just go down like this here, and they’re just being clean by themselves and we’re gonna press ok a few times. Around a little bit, and as you can see here it did clean up a little bit.

Another thing you can do this printer has pretty good access, if you just want to do it by yourself, so you’re gonna do to just go under there and clean it yourself just kind of pushing it, pushing the rollers await that’s how they are set in here.

If you pull them towards you they’re gonna they may be may damage the gears, and you don’t want to do that because that fix is very very hard.

You have to disassemble the whole printer another thing you can use is alcohol swabs, or just put some alcohol on on the paper, I mean on the paper towel or use the little squares with alcohol and that should do the trick.

Wait a little bit after you clean up, clean up any does that surround make sure you don’t leave, any paper towel pieces in there to avoid any paper jam, and that that’ll fix your problem.

I’ll put some paper in and we’re gonna see how if it just picks it up without any issue. So we’ll just send the clock to three and it picked it up without any stalls or anything like that.

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