Ease Of Use Fire Starter Based On Emergency Fire Kit

There is nothing more essential than a fire camp when you are going camping. But at the same time, you might find it hard to light a fire. In this case, praise the technology to create a variance of fire starter as one of the vital outdoor gear. It is not necessarily for camping, but the fire starter might be helpful in many cases. It is also easy to use with different kinds of igniter types.

Spark wheel

Spark wheel designs are more likely used by the Zippo product. The EFK emergency fire kit employs the flint and steel system with rotating steel as the ignition. It makes the fire starter easier to use than the classic Ferro rod and striker design. At the same time, it looks like a normal lighter but has no butane (fuel source). Thus, this option is safer to bring on the plane.

Ferro rod

Ferro rod and striker is pretty much the ideal model of outdoor fire starter. It is very ancient yet still used for the modern days. The principle goes with flint strikes the iron or steel. It will shave small pieces of metal and create heated sparks. When directed to char cloth, it will turn into a flame. expocafeperu.com recommends this kind of fire starter for those who love camping.

Fire piston

This kind of outdoor gear needs time to master. It uses the first law of thermodynamics, in which the fire pistons create fire by slamming the tinder inside the tube. The tube has one opening that allows the sparks to go out. The rod and tinder inside that being slammed rapidly will eventually bring heated ignition to the wood and create flames.

If you think using the fire starter is cheating, then don’t complain about how hard to light a fire. The existence of a fire starter in the camping equipment is pretty much normal. You can find someone bringing a spark wheel, Ferro rod, fire piston to match. This gear is safer for you who goes on a plane than a normal lighter. Looking for more interesting info? Check https://www.expocafeperu.com/.