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Land O' The Leal
Album: Back Tae Bonnie Scotland
Lyrics: Lady Caroline Nairn
Daughter of the Jacobite laird of Gask, in Perth, [Carolina Oliphant, Lady Nairne (1766-1845)] married her second cousin William Nairne in 1806. In 1824 he became sixth Lord Nairne on the restoration of the 'attainted' Scottish peerages. About eighty-seven songs carry her signature, originals and cobblings alike, and her range is very wide. Her Jacobite ones are sentimental yet sincere, and among her best liked. It was only after her death that the songs appeared in her own name instead of the pseudonym 'Mrs Bogan of Bogan'.  

I'm wearin' awa', John;
Like snaw-wreaths in thaw, John
I'm wearin' awa' to the land o' the leal

There's nae sorrow there, John;
There's neither cauld nor care, John
The day is aye fair, in the land o' the leal

Our bonnie bairnie's there, John;
She was baith gude and fair, John
And oh! we grudg'd her sair to the land o' the leal

But sorrow's sel' wears past, John;
And joys a comin' fast, John
The joy that's aye to last, in the land o' the leal

Oh! haud ye leal an' true, John;
Your day it's wearin thro', John
An' I'll welcome you to the land o' the leal

Now fare ye weel, my ain John;
This warld's care is vain, John
We'll meet and aye be fain in the land o' the leal


ain: one
awa': away
aye: always
bairn: baby
baith: both
bonnie: pretty
cauld: cold
fain: loving, affectionate
guid: good
haud: hold
leal: loyal
sair: sore
snaw-wreaths: snowdrift


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