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Album: Songs of Rob Roy and the MacGregors
Patrick Roy MacGregor, known as Gilderoy or Gillie Roy, the red-haired lad, was of the same clan as Rob Roy. Gilderoy was a theif and cataran and not completely worthy of the honours he received in verse and prose. He, along with several of his following, were hung at Edinburgh in June 1636. But Patrick was a great favorite of the ladies and this song is said to be written by one of them.  

Oh Gilderoy was a bonnie lad
His breath was sweet as rose
He never wore a Highland plaid
But costly silken clothes
He gained the love of ladies gay
None e'er to him weas coy
Ah, woe is me, I mourn the day for dear Glideroy

With muckle joy we spent our prime
Till we were baith sixteen
And oft we passed the langsome time
amang the leaves sae green
Oft on the banks we'd sit us there
And sweetly kiss and toy
Wi' garlands gay would deckmy hair
My handsome Gilderoy

O, that he still had been content
with me to lead his life,
But ah, his manful heart was bent
to stirring feats of strife,
And he in many a venturous deed
his courage bold would try,
And now this maks my heart to bleed
for my dear Gilderoy.

My Gilderoy, baith far and near
was feared in every toon,
And boldly bore awa' the gear
of many a lowland loon,
None e'er durst meet him hand to hand,
he was sae brave a boy,
At length, with numbers, he was ta'en,
my handsome Gilderoy.

Of Gilderoy so feared they were,
they bound him mickle strong;
To Edinburgh they led him there,
and on a gallows hung;
They hung him high above the rest,
he was sae trim a boy,
There died the youth I lo'ed the best,
my handsome Gilderoy.

Thus having yeilded up his breath,
I bore his corpse away;
With tears that trickled for his death,
I washed his comely clay;
And safely in a grave sae deep
I laid the dear loved boy,
And now forever I must weep for winsome Gilderoy.


awa' - away
baith - both
comely - attractive
durst - dare
e'er - ever
lang - long
lo'ed - loved
loon - peasant
maks - makes
mickle, muckle - much, great
sae - so
ta'en - taken
toon - town
winsome - charming


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